De La Terre™

Introducing De La Terre™ the only ceramic cookware line designed for performance in the oven, microwave, on the stove, and even on the grill! Each piece is thermal-shock-resistant so—unlike other brittle ceramic or heavy cast iron—our cookware is lightweight, durable, and goes from freezer to stovetop to dishwasher without concern. 

De la Terre cookware offers convenience and versatility without compromising on aesthetic design. Our proprietary high heat ceramic provides all the benefits of traditional cast iron, such as even cooking, heat retention, and a classic look and feel. While maintaining these high standards of quality, it is also less expensive, significantly lighter, and easier to care for. 

 Compared to cast iron De La Terre is: 

• 43% lighter 
• Heats up 4% faster 
• Retains heat 19% longer. 

 SEARING: Ask any chef, searing is the key to locking in flavor when cooking protein. Unfortunately, that’s not possible with Pyrex or aluminum baking dishes which break or warp when put over a direct flame. With our new ceramic, you no longer need to sear meat in one pan before transferring to a baking dish to braise or slow roast in the oven. With De la Terre you can sear with confidence before moving directly to the oven, cutting out steps and streamlining the cooking process. 

Featured Product

Large Dutch Oven

From hearty stews and braised meats to rustic bread, our large dutch oven lends itself to earthy, gather-around-the-table meals.

Large Sauté Pan

Our large skillet is the perfect choice for main dishes that start on the stovetop and end in the oven, such as seared steaks and frittatas.

Oval Baking Dish

Our classic oval baking dish is the ideal choice for fruit cobblers, gratins, and casseroles.

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From our customers


Thank You! I love it, it's durable and lightweight!

Christy N.

Everything came out perfect!! We are big fans. We are going to whip something up in the small dutch oven tonight!

Angela L.