Not In My Back Yard®

Protect yourself and your family: get outside without worrying about mosquitos with Not In My Backyard®. The NIMBY line is devoted to providing a chemical free alternative to bug repellents and includes wristbands, clips, lotions, zappers, candles, and diffusers. Many NIMBY products use all-natural proprietary bug-repelling inserts made of 100% essential oils, including geraniol, eucalyptus, and lemongrass that are more effective than citronella. Not In My Backyard is perfect for kids and adults. Say goodbye to harsh chemical sprays, and get back to enjoying the great outdoors! 

From the backyard to the wilderness, The Union Square Group strives to make every outdoor experience more fun! As experts in outdoor products for over thirty years, The Companion Group brings our broad experience and passion for innovation to the mosquito-repelling category. 

Our commitment to innovative but responsible products means that the NIMBY line is effective, safe, and perfect for anyone needing a breath of fresh air. 

Featured Product

Silicon Wristband with Refills

These wristbands are naturally scented with 100% essential oil inserts, that help to repel mosquitoes and other flying insects while enjoying the great outdoors. 

Scented Diffuser Lantern

The Not In My Backyard® Lantern has a scented insert that is warmed by the heat of a tea-light in the base to release the natural, mosquito-repelling scent. It folds flat for easy travel.

Natural Insect Repellant Spray

Repels mosquitos that may carry the zika virus, and other pesky bugs like fleas and ticks. The spray has a fresh scent and is even safe on pets. Use year round for everyday protection.

From our customers


Purchased these for an outdoor party and they smelled wonderful. Had no problems with bugs.

Andrea M.

Purchased these and they were perfect. 

Peggie H.